I Love It When


An innocent child’s love for nature and their plea to cherish creation. Vivid images in a gentle setting. Unison treble voices, piano.



Kallman Creates Publications, Composer Daniel KallmanKallman Creates Publications

Unison treble voices, piano. Duration: 3’17”


(Children’s Chorus of the Honors Choirs of Southeast Minnesota, Amy Nelson conducting)



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(by Daniel Kallman)

I love it when the robin awakes me, singing her song to welcome the day;
I love it when the breezes blow gently, making the trees and green meadow sway.
Oh, cherish the earth so the bees still dance on the flowers in spring;
oh, leave me a world where all creation in harmony sings.

I love it when the river runs freely, down from the mountains and out to the sea;
I love it when the snows fall softly, covering all the world that I see.
Oh, cherish the earth so the spiders still spin in the morning dew;
oh, leave me a world so my children and their children can love it too.

I love it when the sun sets slowly, bathing the sky in wonderful light;
And when the moon shines in through my window,
I love it when you kiss me goodnight.

Daniel Kallman, 2007, All Rights Reserved