Won’t You Sing Along?


Invite the audience to join your young singers by echoing the refrain of this touching song about the wonder of music and love. Unison treble voices, piano, flute (opt.), and audience.



Kallman Creates Publications, Composer Daniel KallmanKallman Creates Publications

Unison treble voices, piano, flute (opt.), and audience. Duration: 3’30”


(Children’s Chorus of the Honors Choirs of SE MN, Amy Nelson conducting)



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Composer’s Notes

I wrote this short composition because it is such a precious thing when humans— young, middle-aged, old— sing together. I also wanted the children in the choir to experience the joy of “teaching” a song to the audience.

In the text, a child remembers how the act of singing, like the love of a parent, provides comfort during difficult times. Finally, pondering the connection between love and music, the closing lines are: “Now a wonder comes to me: without love, could music be?”

The printed music includes a suggestion for how to introduce the simple three-note “echo” on the refrain to your audience before you sing the song with them.

Here is the entire text (written by Daniel Kallman):

When the sky is cold and gray, and my friend just moved away;
When the day is long, then I need a song.
When I lie awake in bed, sorry for the words I said,
It helps to sing a song. Won’t you sing along?


Lah lah lah (lah lah lah), lah lah lee (lah lah lee).
Dah dah dah (dah dah dah), dah dah dee (dah dah dee).
Sing it out (sing it out), sing it free (sing it free).
That was nice (that was nice).

When the dark clouds bring a storm, in your arms I’m safe and warm,
Love is like a song, making right from wrong.
When I’m sick at home all day, you can hum the hurt away.
With a melody, you can set me free. Sing it after me:

(Refrain 2 times)

Now a wonder comes to me: without love, could music be?
Thank you for the song.