The Mending Song

The melody weaves in and out, up and down, as the old mending woman works to keep the world stitched together. Unison treble voices, piano, opt. clarinet.


Unison treble voices, piano, opt. clarinet. Duration: 1’45”

Order from Shawnee/Mark Foster (Hal Leonard) or music retailer.


(1996 Minnesota ACDA Elementary Honors Choir, Cora Scholz conducting)


Composer’s Notes

This is part of a set of four musical settings of wonderful texts by Arnold Lobel from his book Whiskers and Rhymes. I was commissioned to write them for the 1996-97 ACDA Minnesota Elementary Honors Choir, and they have since been published as separate octavos by Shawnee Press/Mark Foster Music. See “Four from ‘Whiskers and Rhymes'” for information about the entire set.