Earth’s Sweet Song


What happens when things get out of balance? A lilting waltz that asks some unsettling questions about climate change. Unison treble or SA, piano.



Kallman Creates Publications, Composer Daniel KallmanKallman Creates Publications

Unison treble or SA, piano. Duration: 2’00”


(Sam Nelson; Our Children, Our World concert, Daniel Kallman conducting)



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Composer’s Notes

This piece was written for the North Cambridge Family Opera, and performed at the 2015 Cambridge Science Festival in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The lyrics, written by Christine Kallman, are below. Here are some other songs that we have written for the Cambridge Science Festival: Sky Dance, The Einstein-Rosen Bridge Strut, Earthrise, Emmy Noether, and Schrödinger’s Cat.

Earth’s Sweet Song

When Earth is in balance, it’s like a sweet song
with millions of creatures all singing along.
The sun without fail sends its bright warming light;
our air holds enough heat to keep it just right.
So Earth is in balance from morning till night,
and all of us join in the song.

For too many years now we’ve burned fossil fuels,
upsetting the balance and changing the rules.
The heat that is trapped by too much CO2
is warming the planet much more than we knew.
Now there’s so much to do.

Someday in the future our children will cry:
“Why didn’t you listen? Why didn’t you try to take care of the atmosphere? Why?
Tell me why didn’t you try
back when Earth was in balance, just like a sweet song,
when millions of creatures were singing along?”

Copyright 2015, Christine Kallman, All Rights Reserved