And on Earth, Peace

A serene opening leads to a musical depiction of a broken peace, transcended by healing and grace as the work culminates in an extended jubilant Gloria.
For SATB, full orchestra or winds, organ, harp, piano, percussion.





Kallman Creates Publications, Composer Daniel Kallman Kallman Creates Publications

Duration: 9’15”

Version 1: SATB, full orchestra, organ, harp, piano, percussion.
Version 2: SATB, winds, organ, harp, piano, percussion.
See Composer’s Notes below for more information.


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Composer’s Notes


Listen to “And on Earth, Peace”

(Version 2- Winds. Luther College Juletide Fest, Tim Peter conducting.)

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(Note: Scores and parts are in manuscript form.)

Composer’s Notes

The original version with wind accompaniment was commissioned by my alma mater, Luther College, for their Christmas concert, Juletide Fest 1995. Timothy Peter conducted the three premiere performances. The text, by Christine Kallman, is printed below. An optional two-minute prelude, used by Luther to open the concert, is also available (contact me for more information). They performed the full work (which ends with a huge “Gloria in excelsis Deo!”) as the final piece on the program. And on Earth, Peace works very well with massed choirs placed antiphonally throughout a larger auditorium, so it is especially well-suited for colleges with more than one choral ensemble.

The orchestral version was commissioned by Walla Walla University (WA) for their 2010 Christmas concerts. Instrumentation is: 2222, 4331, timp, 3 perc, strgs.

(Version 2 for winds instrumentation: 2221, 4331 plus euph, timp, 3 perc, hp, pno, org.)


There is quiet at the dawning of the day,
A quiet that awaits the awakening of souls,
As all that God intends is given birth,
And Jesus is the Lord of all the garden of the earth.

There is healing in the fullness of the light,
A healing that begins in the terror of the night.
While splinters of the peace we shattered fly,
You, o wounded one, are gently putting things to right.

Did we believe the earth could be so new,
The knots untied, the torture through,
Judgment exchanged for beauteous grace?
Stand tall all prisoners of the human race!

There is victory in the coming of the Lord,
A wider, fuller peace than any soul has ever known.
What daring love is this which grants us stand
Redeemed and whole and holding the triumphant Prince’s hand!
We praise our Lord’s dear name with all our power!
His is the reign, this the hour!

Gloria in excelsis Deo!

– Christine Kallman, copyright 1995