Jubilee, We Are Set Free! (title song)


Invigorating song of praise with simple actions for your children’s choir. For unison voices and piano.




Kallman Creates Publications, Composer Daniel KallmanKallman Creates Publication

Syncopated rhythms energize this lively song for unison children’s voices and piano. Hand movements are suggested in the score. Lyrics by Christine Kallman (see lyrics below). Duration: 3’30”

Also see the full youth choir church musical Jubilee, We Are Set Free!


(Original cast recording, Bethel Lutheran Church, Northfield, MN, 1999)



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Jubilee! We are set free! Alleluia!
Jubilee! We are set free! Alleluia!
Free to love! Free to give! Alleluia!
Free to hope! Free to live! Alleluia!
Free to start a new day! Alleluia!
Turn and walk a new way! Alleluia!

The burdens I’ve been bearing, Lord,
now as light as air,
I lay before your altar
and regain my whole life there.

It’s not by anything I’ve done,
but simply by your grace.
I turn and find I’m living
in an alleluia place!