Jubilee, We Are Set Free! (musical)

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Proclaim the freedom of God’s forgiveness in this church musical with colorful characters, singable melodies, and congregational participation. Grades 2-6 or intergenerational cast. For unison voices, piano, opt. flute.



Kallman Creates Publications, Composer Daniel KallmanKallman Creates Publication

Youth choir church musical for unison voices, piano, opt. flute.
Duration: 40 minutes

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Composer’s Notes

God’s people are in bondage– to sin. But Christ, through his death and resurrection, has set us free! Now that we are children of God, our lives are different. Freed from our former life, we are called to “clothe ourselves new”. In this original musical we see into the hearts of Fred, Mary, Matthew, Rita, and Wally, characters of different ages and walks of life, as they participate in worship. While the nasty Naysayers cast doubt at every turn, the characters are able to face their own doubts and fears and experience the freedom of God’s forgiveness. Other characters include a crying baby, a reluctant Moses, whining Israelites, a burning bush and God, who speaks a message of hope and freedom.

Jubilee, We Are Set Free was designed to be incorporated into a worship service, but also works well on its own. The congregation participates in the Confession, Prayer of the Day and choruses of three of the five songs. There are plenty of speaking parts to go around, and the songs are easy to learn. Set requirements are simple. In the original production, the youth enjoyed creating many of the props. Suitable for grades 2 through 6, but has also been performed intergenerationally. Two of the songs are available as separate octavos: Jubilee, We Are Set Free (title song) and Hear Us, Oh Lord. Script and lyrics by Christine Kallman.

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