But of Deep Love


Josephine Johnson’s text reflects on the motivations of the heart and the desire to give.
For SATB a cappella.

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Kallman Creates Publications, Composer Daniel Kallman Kallman Creates Publications

Josephine Johnson’s reflective and heartfelt tribute to giving, set for SATB a cappella.
Duration: 3’15”

Also available as part of a set: Two Poems of Josephine Johnson.

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Honors Choirs of SE MN (Concert Choir), Michael Culloton conducting.


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Composer’s Notes

This piece was commissioned by the Concert Choir of the Honors Choirs of Southeast Minnesota, an excellent high school choir. It is the second in the set Two Poems of Josephine Johnson. Here is the text:

But of deep love is the desire to give
More than the living touch of warmth and fire,
More than shy comfort of the little flesh and hands;
It is the need to give
Down to the last kernel of the heart,
Down to the final gift of mind;
It is a need to give you that release which comes
Only of understanding, and to know
Trust without whimpering doubt and fear.

–Josephine W. Johnson, from September, 1935, used by permission.