With Joy

A refrain of gratitude for your congregation or choir when offering is presented. Perfect for offertory response on non-communion Sundays. Level: Easy. Congregation or unison choir, piano, opt. solo.




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Congregation or unison choir, piano, opt. solo. Duration: 3’00” with verses; 45 seconds for refrain only.

One-year license for congregational use includes one copy of the piano/vocal score and congregational insert, with permission to reproduce both.

Additional instruments (guitar, bass, drums) may be added. Chords are included in the piano/vocal score.

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(Adult Choir and congregation of the First Presbyterian Church, Clarks Summit, PA; Susan Kelly, director; Daniel Kallman, soloist)


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Composer’s Notes

The Stewardship Board at my church asked me to compose a refrain that our congregation could sing on the four Sundays that were set aside for stewardship emphasis in 1996. The text is a paraphrase of the liturgical prayer “We offer with joy and thanksgiving what you have first given us.” The accompaniment is intended for piano or electronic keyboard rather than organ. We still often use the refrain at Bethel with or without the verses on non-communion Sundays as an offertory response when the gifts are brought forward (during the time that “Let the vineyards” is sung on Eucharist Sundays, if you are a Lutheran worshiper).

A simple three stave reprint of the refrain melody is inserted into our bulletin for the congregation. We also indicate “sing one time”, “sing two times” or, when the verses are included, “refrain: congregation, verses: solo.” If you choose to use it, I will send the congregational insert for your bulletin and allow you to reproduce additional copies of it or of the full accompanied version as necessary for soloist or choir. If you wish to sing it strictly as a choir anthem, you may purchase as many copies as you want at the piano/vocal score price.


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Piano/vocal score via US mail, Piano/vocal score PDF via email, One-year use license (PDF via email)