Dakota Wind


The wind whispers, croons, blows and swirls in this animated celebration of nature’s force in the Dakota’s. Level: Medium. For SATB, piano.

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Kallman Creates Publications, Composer Daniel Kallman Kallman Creates Publications.

For SATB chorus, piano.
Duration: 3’50”

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Composer’s Notes

This work was commissioned by North Central ACDA for performance by the Middle Level Men’s Honor Choir at their 2016 conference in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Jeffery Redding, conductor.

The text (below) for Dakota Wind was excerpted from a larger work, “Passage of Wind and Water: A Collaborative Choral Poem” written by various middle school, high school and adult residents of South Dakota and in relationship with The Sculpture Project: Passage of Wind and Water in Rapid City. It is used with the kind permission of poet Christine Stewart-Nuñez who is the editor for the ongoing writing project which began in 2014.

The wind whispers
a lullaby as the earth
this same wind
blows snow
into October
into January,
into April drifts;
this same wind
melts them
into nourishing pools.

The wind sings
in the night sky,
croons to the moon,
pulls down its tears.
Oh great northern wind!
you’re dancing again–
elemental swirling;
bring spring’s rain,
bring summer’s dust;
bring winter’s snow.
And if we’re silent
we’ll hear its melody
as it shapes the stone,
a lullaby for
the drowsy earth.