When Love Is Found

Brian Wren’s moving text joins with the beloved folksong “O Waly, Waly” (“The Water is Wide”). Weddings, worship. Med-Easy.  SAB, piano, opt. flute and clar.


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SAB, piano, opt. flute and clarinet, opt. congregation. Duration: 3’00”


(Kjos promo recording. Recorder playing the clarinet part.)


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Publisher Information

When Love Is Found is a moving anthem that may involve the congregation on the last verse if you wish. Permission is granted to reprint in your bulletin. The joining together of the contemporary hymn text by Brian Wren with the beloved folksong “O Waly, Waly” (“The Water is Wide”) makes this SAB piece easily accessible and moving. (Optional clarinet and flute parts are included plus cues for piano if no instruments are used.)

Composer Notes

This text is by Brian Wren, an English poet who has penned beautiful words suitable for weddings. The tune is the English folk tune “O, Waly Waly” (in Minnesota we pronounce it “O, Walleye Walleye”), which many of you will recognize as “The Water Is Wide,” but here in a triple meter. Soloists may be substituted for the choir.