A Holiday Hoedown

A farcical frolic through your holiday favorites featuring fiddle trio! Opt. audience sing-along. For college, community, or professional ensembles. Full or chamber orchestra with three soli violins.


Full or chamber orchestra with three soli violins. Optional audience sing-along. Duration: 5’40”

Order from Lauren Kieser publ. or music retailer.




Composer’s Notes

Garrison Keillor and Philip Brunelle asked me to write this for Keillor’s Christmas Special with the National Symphony in Washington D.C. It was broadcast live nationwide on public radio in 1992. Garrison asked me to fit as many familiar holiday tunes as possible into a five-minute orchestral piece, requesting that I close with a quote of Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus” from the Messiah. The piece has received numerous performances by orchestras throughout the country.