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Worship: Liturgical



I Will Take the Cup of Salvation (two-part mixed voices [opt. descant], cantor, piano or handbells) 3'00" Kallman Creates Publications

Easy and lyrical psalm antiphon for Maundy Thursday or general use. Level: Easy. (more)


Laudato Si' (Praise Be to You) (unison choir or congregation and piano) 2'52" Kallman Creates Publications

An earnest call for us to cherish and protect the world God has given us, in a simple setting. The text is based on Pope Francis' encyclical "Laudato Si': "On Care for our Common Home." Text and tune by Kathleen Doran-Norton. Level: Easy. (more)


Light of Christ (musical setting of the communion liturgy for congregation, keyboard, optional instruments) (Augsburg Fortress)

A setting of the communion liturgy in a blended style, sung in churches throughout the country. (more)


Litany for Creation (cantor, congregation, SATB or unison chorus, keyboard) 3'00" Kallman Creates Publications

A responsive prayer for our stewardship of God's creation. Level: Easy. (more)


Litany of Healing Prayers (cantor or unison choir, congregation, keyboard) 2'30" Kallman Creates Publications

A sung prayer for cantor and congregational response with the option to insert your own prayer petitions. Level: Very Easy. (more)


Now We Await Your Coming, Lord (Advent response for solo cantor, congregation and/or unison choir, piano) 1'00" Kallman Creates Publications

A simple, meditative antiphon for the Advent season. Level: Very Easy. (more)


Now We Await Your Coming, Lord/Veni Emmanuel (Advent response for solo cantor, SATB, piano, opt. congregation, opt. instrumentation: fl, hn, vln I, vln II, vla, & vnc) 3'00" Kallman Creates Publications

Meditative antiphon for the Advent season for your choir and optional congregation. Level: Medium. (more)


Psalm Antiphons (cantor, congregation or unison choir, keyboard, opt. instruments) (Augsburg Fortress)

Short musical responses to enliven the singing of the Psalms in worship. (more)


With Joy (congregation or unison choir, piano, optional solo) Duration: 3'00" with verses; 45 seconds for refrain only.
Kallman Creates Publications

A refrain of gratitude for your congregation or choir when gifts are presented. Perfect for offertory response on non-communion Sundays, stewardship Sundays, or Thanksgiving. Level: Easy. (more)