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Wind Ensemble



Alyeska: The Great Land (wind ensemble, opt. vocal solo) 9'00" Kallman Creates Publications

An expansive portrayal capturing the magnitude of the Alaskan land, history, and peoples. (Level/Grade 5) (more)


An American Tapestry (full winds version)(wind ensemble) 6'45" (Boosey & Hawkes)

Originally scored for chamber winds, this arrangement for concert band retains the unique instrumentation and colorful harmonies of the original medley of folk songs.(more)


The Communion of the Hive: A Sanctity Under Shadow (wind ensemble) 7'30" Kallman Creates Publications

This moving tribute to nature and our threatened bee population takes us from a serene opening to a rhythmic evocation of the bees' "waggle dance" and ends in dissonant uncertainty. Prominent solo clarinet part. Level/Grade 5. (more)


Exuberance (bass trombone solo, wind ensemble) 4'30" logo

A boisterous outburst of joy with the energy and humor of a circus march. (more)


Fantasia Variations on "Eternal Alleluia's" (wind ensemble) 9'15" (TRN Music)

Kallman's appealing hymn tune transports us from the reverent to the exuberant in this theme with variations. (Level/Grade 5) (more)


Galop (wind ensemble) 4'00" (Boosey & Hawkes)

A rousing race to the finish for your full winds and percussion. (Level/Grade 4) (more)


The Groundhog's Lament (youth wind ensemble) 2'30" (Boosey & Hawkes)

Gradual awakening, increasing anticipation, and stark disappointment are in store for the groundhog on his big day in February. (Level/Grade 2-3) (more)


Ignite! (wind ensemble) 4'00" logo

Spirited and optimistic, this piece expresses through three themes the energy and satisfaction of working together to accomplish an important task. Level/Grade 3-4. (more)


The Jig Is Up (wind ensemble) 5'00" (Boosey and Hawkes)

Driving rhythms of an original jig are complemented by African percussion in this vibrant and colorful bestseller for high school and above. (Level/Grade 4) (more)


Jitterstomp (wind ensemble) 8'00" Kallman Creates Publications

Nineteen-twenties jazz meets country hoedown in this lively, sophisticated piece for winds. (Level/Grade 5) more


March Emeritus (wind ensemble) 3'34" (Boosey & Hawkes)

A striking march in the grand style, resonant with honor and celebration! Brass, woodwind and percussion are all highlighted throughout this highly satisfying work. Level: Apprentice Advanced/Level 3. more


Metamorphosis on an Original Cakewalk (wind ensemble) 5'30" (Boosey and Hawkes)

A playful cakewalk dissolves into independent rhythmic fragments, then returns. (Level/Grade 5) (more)


Promenade (wind ensemble) 2'20" logo

An easy stroll on a spring morning, with the tempo marked "light and breezy." (Level/Grade 4) (more)


Promenade and Galop (wind ensemble) 6'30" logo

Contrast an easy stroll with a rousing race to the finish for your full winds and percussion. (Level/Grade 4) (more)


The Promise of Grace (Reminiscence on Sacred Harp Hymn Tunes) (wind ensemble) 7'30" Kallman Creates Publications

A vibrant and confident setting based on two Sacred Harp hymn tunes. (Level/Grade 5) (more)


Pulse Fusion (wind ensemble) 6'00" logo

A persistent driving pulse underlies the symphonic architecture of this work that is energized with the influences of '60's and '70's pop/rock music. (Level/Grade 4) (more)


Sousa (wind ensemble) 3' 30" Kallman Creates Publications

A pair of recited limericks gets us off to a rollicking start as we celebrate the March King. (Level/Grade 4-5) (more)


Streets of Honor: I. A Life Remembered/Hymn for the Fallen, and II. March (wind ensemble) 15'00" (entire)[Streets of Honor March also available separately] Kallman Creates Publications

Honor those who have served our country by performing either the full work or the march. (Level/Grade 4-5) (more)


Streets of Honor March (wind ensemble) 4'00" Kallman Creates Publications

A patriotic march to lift up the memory of fallen veterans. (Level/Grade 4) (more)


There was a composer of genius . . . (A Whimsical Celebration of Four American Composers) (wind ensemble) 11'00" Kallman Creates Publications

Recited limericks add to the fun in this multi-movement celebration of Bernstein, Ives, Ellington and Sousa. (Level/Grade 4-5) [Sousa movement also available separately.]



The Vanishing Snows of Kilimanjaro (Tribute and Lament for Winds) (wind ensemble) 11"00" Kallman Creates Publications

A musical statement about natural beauty and tragic loss. (Level/Grade 6) (more)


A Visit With Old Joe (wind ensemble) 5'00" Kallman Creates Publications

A lively American folk tune is the basis for this hoedown for band. (Level/Grade 4) (more)


Yankee Doodling: A Young Person's Guide to the Concert Band (wind ensemble, narrator) 28'45" Kallman Creates Publications

A theme and variations treatment of a familiar tune with narrator to introduce the instruments of the band. (Level/Grade 5) The opening three minutes may also be played by itself as an overture. (more)