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A Birthday (SSAA, piano) 3'00" logo

A rapturous declaration in praise of love. May be performed as part of a set of three. Level: Advanced. (more)


At Skinner's Hill (unison or 2-part voices and piano or chamber orchestra) 4'15" logo

Jump on the toboggan for an unforgettable ride down a favorite sledding hill! A raucous childhood memory that ends poignantly in the warmth of home. (more)


Caged Bird (SSA and SATB youth choirs, solo tenor, flute, piano) 9'00" Kallman Creates Publications

Maya Angelou's passionate poem combines with two spirituals in this tribute to freedom. (more)


Carmel Highlands (SSAA, piano) 6'00" logo

Shrouded in mystery, music and text slowly unfold in this impressionistic work for advanced women's choir. (more)


Come Closer (unison treble voices, piano) 3'00" (Hal Leonard Corp., Henry Leck Series)

If only the little singing bird would come closer. (more)


Come Make a Home (unison, 2- or 3-part treble choir, piano and flute) 5'00" (Hal Leonard Corp., Henry Leck Series)

This uplifting anthem celebrates the early settlers' vision that lives on in our communities. (more)


Come To Your Mommy (SSA, harp) 2'50" (Shawnee/Mark Foster)

A soothing Canadian lullaby. (more)


Cows (unison treble voices, piano) 4'20'' Kallman Creates Publications

Cows converse about the weather over a laid-back, bluesy accompaniment. (more)


A Cradle Song (SSAA, piano four-hands) 4'20" Kallman Creates Publications

"Golden slumbers kiss your eyes" in this gentle lullaby. (more)


Do You Wonder? (SA, piano) 5'00" logo

A celebration of the unexplainable miracles of life in a simple, lyrical two-part setting for young voices. (more)


Down by the Riverside (unison or 2-part treble chorus, piano) 4'00" logo

Upbeat and optimistic, this arrangement of a well-known peacemaking song begins uptempo and ends reflectively. For unison with optional 2-part voices. Part of Early American Songs, Set II. (more)


Early American Songs, Set I (2-part treble chorus, piano) 7'00" logo

Three traditional and beloved songs-- Simple Gifts, The Pretty Little Horses, and She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain-- in simple but captivating arrangements for unison and two-part singing. Appropriate for younger and older treble choirs. Also available separately. (more)


Early American Songs, Set II (unison or 2-part treble chorus, piano) 9'30" logo

Three traditional and well-known African-American spirituals-- Little David, Play on Your Harp; Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child; and Down By the Riverside. Appropriate for young and older treble voices. Also available separately. (more)


Earth's Sweet Song (Unison or 2-part mixed voices, piano) 2'00" logo

When Earth is in balance it's like a sweet song. But what happens when things get out of balance? A lilting waltz that asks some unsettling questions. (more)


The Five Little Chickens (SA, piano) 3'00" (Shawnee/Mark Foster)

The chickens' dilemma erupts in a barnyard flurry of clucking and squawking! (more)


Four from "Whiskers and Rhymes" (SA, piano, opt. clarinet, opt. violin) 6'30" (available under four separate titles from Shawnee/Mark Foster)

Lobel's beloved poems wedded to memorable melodies and interwoven with colorful accompaniments. (more)


Friendly Fredrick Fuddlestone (SA, violin [fiddle] or clarinet) 1'30" (Shawnee/Mark Foster)

A foot-stompin', barn-burnin' hoedown for your young singers! (more)


A Garden Of My Own (SA or SSA, flute, piano) 4'30" Kallman Creates Publications

Arrangement of an inspirational text and tune, for high school or middle school treble choirs. Level: Medium. (more)


The Grass So Little Has To Do (SSAA, piano) 3'30" logo

Could we be as carefree as the grass? The simple but appealing melody and lively harmonies carry us along like a summer breeze. May be performed as part of a set of three. Level: Advanced. (more)


Gratus Animus (SSA chorus and piano) 3'45 " logo

Pulsing with rhythmic energy, this piece is driven by an alternating meter of two's and three's and a repetitive text that proclaims gratitude for life. Slower material, bold and full of conviction, bookends the faster main section. Level: Intermediate. (more)


I Am the Mountainy Singer (SSA, piano) 4'00" Kallman Creates Publications

Lyrical setting of an Irish text celebrating life, with its joys and sorrows. (more)


I Love It When (unison treble voices, piano) 3’17” Kallman Creates Publications

An innocent child’s love for nature and plea to cherish creation. (more)


I Will Give You The Key (SA, piano, opt. clarinet) 1'50" (Shawnee/Mark Foster)

A gentle invitation to the pleasures of summer's garden. (more)


In Endless Song: A Mosaic of American Folk Music (SSA and SATB combined, string quartet, piano) 26'00" Kallman Creates Publications

Expressive strings combine with young voices in a grand and moving work to showcase your entire youth choir program. (more)