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Strings: Solo and Small Ensemble



Amazing Grace (two violins, piano) 4'30" (Morning Star Music)

Gospel swing instrumental setting that transitions to a peaceful, introspective finish. Level: Medium. (more)


Behold a Host ( two violins and piano) 3'45" (Morning Star Music)

Meditative setting of the Norwegian folk tune made popular by Edvard Grieg. Level: Medium. (more)


The Bird Song (Tvi-di-vi-di-vitt)(two violins, piano) 3'43" logo

A sprightly, traditional Swedish folk song arranged in memory of my Swedish grandparents, Evert and Anna Kallman. Level: Medium. (more)


A Butterfly Is Winging its Way at Haga (two violins, piano) 3'00" logo

This serene arrangement of a beloved Swedish melody evokes sweet nostalgia for the beauty of the Swedish homeland. Level: Medium. (more)


Children of the Heavenly Father (two violins, piano) 4'05" (Morning Star Music)

A lyrical instrumental setting of this favorite Swedish hymn. Level: Medium. (more)


Dark Eyebrows (two violins, piano) 3'00" logo

A wistful Ukrainian folk tune, perfect for high school contests or festivals.

Level: Medium. (more)


Fantasy and Scherzo (violin, piano) 9'00" logo

A passionate rhapsody, a rollicking gallop. For advanced players. (more)


Hey Fiddle Fiddle (two violins, piano) 3'15" logo

Raise the roof with this foot-stompin' hoedown! Level: Medium-Advanced. (more)


Impressions (violin, double bass) 7'30" logo

An animated dialogue for a seldom-used combination of string instruments. (more)


In the Garden (two violins, piano) 3'30" (Morning Star Music)

A comforting setting of a sacred heirloom. Level: Medium. (more)


Just A Closer Walk With Thee (two violins, piano) 2'30" logo

Gospel-jazz setting of the traditional standard. Level: Medium. (more)


Oh Glorious Sea, Thou Holy Baikal (two violins, piano) 4'05" logo

A stately folk melody remembering one of Russia's inland seas. Level: Medium. (more)


Oh, You Beautiful Varmland (two violins, piano) 4'00" logo

A plaintive Swedish folk song recalling the beautiful district of Varmland. Level: Medium. (more)


Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us (two violins, piano) 3'45" (Morning Star Music)

This old-time favorite hymn is still well-loved. Level: Medium. (more)


The Strenuous Life (two violins, piano) 4'00" logo This Joplin rag depicts a life that is anything but strenuous. Level: Medium. (more)


Swedish Trilogy (two violins, piano) 11'00" logo

Three Swedish folk songs ranging in mood from nostalgic to playful. Level: Medium. (more)


Three Hymns For Two Violins and Piano (two violins, piano) 12'30" (Morning Star Music)

Well-known hymn tunes in new, contemplative arrangements, especially appropriate for worship. Level: Medium. (more)


Two Hymns For Two Violins and Piano (two violins, piano) 7'15" (Morning Star Music)

Norwegian folk hymn Behold a Host and American favorite In the Garden arranged for worship or concert. Level: Medium. (more)


Two Russian Folk Songs (two violins, piano) 7'00" logo

The passionate beauty of Russian folk melodies. Level: Medium. (more)