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Stay Green


(Unison (opt. 2 or 3 part) children's voices, piano) 1'00" logo


A short reflection on the blessing of our precious planet from a child's perspective.


Listen (Northfield Youth Choirs, Northfield, MN; Cora Scholz conducting)


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Composer's Notes :

Stay Green was originally intended as a 60-second radio public service announcement. The text, below, is written by Christine Kallman:


There will always be children.

But will there always be wide green spaces to run?

Will rain and sun fall down in equal measure?

Can we preserve earth's treasure?

Stay green, living planet, stay green.

All creatures seen and those too small to see,

We need you all.

Each thing we use to grow

Is nestled in your arms.

Sweet earth, stay green.


Be gentle with the earth.

It contains everything you love.