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Spring Flings


(chamber orchestra) 11'30"

(Order from Lauren Keiser Music)


A jaunty, playful, energetic work for dance or concert performances.


Composer's Notes:

I wrote this in 1989 on commission from the Minneapolis Chamber Symphony and the Minnesota Composers Forum (now the American Composers Forum) to celebrate the inaugural year of the Minnesota School and Resource Center for the Arts. It was written for a series of concerts at the Guthrie Theater, mainly for audiences of young people who were bussed in from around the state. Each of the concerts combined dance and music, and Spring Flings was wonderfully choreographed by the late Lloyce Houlton. It is a work in three movements: I. Quadrille; II. Berceuse; III. Galop. The exact instrumentation is 1211, 2000 and strings. It works fine as a concert piece, but especially well with dance. Suitable for very good amateur groups or professional ensembles.