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Schrödinger's Cat (A Round)

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Is Schrödinger's cat alive or dead? Have fun learning about quantum mechanics with this 3-part round.


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Composer's Notes:

"This is the knell for Schrodinger's cat. He wasn't too well. Have you heard about that?" The silliness of this song belies the complexity of the science it describes (in very simple terms!). This song was written for the 2016 Giants in Science, a program of the North Cambridge Family Opera Company (Cambridge, MA). Adults and children together sang songs highlighting the lives of famous scientists and mathematicians. Lyrics by Christine Kallman.


The score contains this disclaimer: No animals were harmed and no real cats were used in Schrödinger’s thought experiment. Daniel and Christine Kallman would never put a cat in a box (except to take them to the vet), though many of their cats have loved to crawl into boxes of their own free will. This song is dedicated to our beloved Patty Peach, Tumbles, Pussywillow, Midnight the 1st, Midnight the 2nd, and Fluffy.