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The Pause


(SATB, piano, percussion [1 player]) 7’15”

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A musical statement about commercialism and consumerism in the holiday season.


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Composer's Notes:

The concept for this challenging work came from writer Keith Davis who has penned and successfully marketed a seasonal short story with the same title. He approached me with the idea for the rough format of the work, explaining that he wanted a choral work that made a statement similar to that of the book, which teaches the necessity of slowing down during the frantic holiday season. (Keith's book is short, accessible and inexpensive and can be purchased by calling the Clayton Paige Publishing Company at 1-888-585-8909.) The writer envisioned a musical statement in three parts, opening with a joyous but frivolous celebration. I usually keep my politics out of most of my concert music, but not always, this being a prime example. The two primary texts are excerpted from poems of George Wither and Robert Southwell, the latter which I have altered.

The premiere performance of The Pause was given by the fine adult ensemble Kantorei of Denver under the direction of Richard Larson in December 2002.