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My Soul Doth Magnify


(SAB or SA, piano or handbells) 2'45"

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Repeated patterns in the accompaniment signify Mary's steadfast faith, while her words of praise echo in the chant-like melody. Level: Med-Easy.



Listen (SA Version) (Virginia Children's Chorus [Choristers], Carol Downing conducting)


Listen (SAB Version) (mp3, 2.6 MB; Honors Choirs of SE MN (Chorale), Jon Strommen Campbell conducting)


View PDF (SAB)


View PDF (SA)




Choral Score (SAB): $1.80 Add to Cart


Choral Score (SA): $1.80 Add to Cart



Composer's Notes:

A solo liturgical dancer interpreted this piece at its initial offering in worship. The accompaniment is simple. A suggestion in the score indicates that the Bible verses right before and after this text be read aloud.