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March Emeritus


March Emeritus

(wind ensemble) 3'34"

(Order from Boosey & Hawkes or music retailer)


A striking march in the grand style, resonant with honor and celebration! Brass, woodwind and percussion are all highlighted throughout this highly satisfying work. Level: Apprentice Advanced/Level 3.



Listen (link to Boosey & Hawkes promo recording and score)


Composer's Notes:

This composition was commissioned by the seventh grade band at the Middle School in my home of Northfield, MN. It received its premiere in May of 1993 with Paul Beck conducting. I gave the title to the march in honor of my father, David Kallman, for the 38 years that he lovingly nurtured young students as a music educator and band director. After more than a decade of retirement, he can still walk up to a student that he hasn't seen for decades and tell them their name and the instrument that he started them on. The world is a better place because of elementary band directors, and I count my father among the very finest.