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Let Us Raise Eternal Alleluia's (hymn)


(unison voices, keyboard) 3'15"

(Order from TRN Publ.)


Original text and tune praise a steadfast God of yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Composer's Notes:

I wrote both the text and the tune for this hymn on commission from Ezekiel Lutheran Church in River Falls, Wisconsin in celebration of their centennial year in 1990. A year later, I wrote a composition for wind ensemble based on the hymn, called Fantasia Variations on "Eternal Alleluia's". Here is the text:


Oh God eternal, ruler over space and time,
Who formed the heavens, granting sun and stars to shine;
From dust you fashioned us to tell your story
While all creation echoed back your glory.
We stand in wonder as we lift our voices high:
Amen! Let us raise eternal alleluia's!


In truth you led us toward the free and promised land;
With manna fed us, dropped from your almighty hand.
The Word made flesh, you came and dwelt among us
And granted sins forgiv'n before you made us.
The sting of death no longer rules our final day:
Amen! Let us raise eternal alleluia's!


Your Spirit Holy ever guides us on our way
With gifts abundant, helping us to shape our day.
Teach us to listen to the voice that calls us
To seek your justice in the world around us.
Then hear your people praise your holy name again:
Amen! Let us raise eternal alleluia's!


With grace and spirit, lead us as we onward go,
That through our living others, too, your love may know.
Help us forever, Lord, your love to savor,
That we may live and grow within your favor:
So that in glory you our dwelling place shall be:
Amen! Let us raise eternal alleluia's!


--Daniel Kallman