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Laudato Si' (Praise Be to You)

(unison choir or congregation and piano) 2'52"



An earnest call for us to cherish and protect the world God has given us, in a simple setting. The text is based on Pope Francis' encyclical "Laudato Si': "On Care for our Common Home." Text and tune by Kathleen Doran-Norton. Level: Easy.


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Listen (Adult Choir, Bethel Lutheran Church; Daniel Kallman, conductor)



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Composer's Notes:

My friend Kathleen Doran-Norton asked me to arrange this melody and text that she was moved to compose after reading the 2016 encyclical of Pope Francis. Appropriate for Earth Day or any other Sundays set aside to consider the biblical admonition to care for the earth. Here is the complete text:


Laudato Si' (Praise Be to You) by Kathleen Doran-Norton

God calls us to protect the world which God has made;

Not ours to destroy, not ours to neglect.

But careless are our lives, unquestioned is our greed.

Earth cries out "Enough!" Love must be our creed.

Laudato si', Laudato si'.


The earth and poor cry out, Do we have ears to hear,

Or will we choose what's good to rise above our fear?

We must change our hearts, and we must change our lives;

Choose justice for the earth, choose love to rule our lives.

Laudato si', Laudato si'.


Blessed Mother Earth, Blessed Brother Sun,

Blessed Sister Wind, Bless your creation, Lord.


Leaders of the world, Do what you must do.

The powerless and poor, they are our brothers, too.

For we must change our lives, mindful of the poor;

Caring for the earth; she our common home.

Laudato si', Laudato si', O mi Signore.