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The Intruder (percussion score for stage play)


(Djembe and conga drums, shekere, cowbell, misc. percussion) Kallman Creates Publications


Illusions and unanswered questions, nightmarish dancing and live drumming feature in The Intruder, a full-length stage drama by Christine Kallman.



For script or score perusal, rental or royalty agreements, inquire for fee: kallman (at) kallmancreates.com



Composer's Notes:

I had a lot of fun working with the student drummers on this project. The "thunder snow" during the first performance made it even more surreal for those audience members who were able to get there through the raging blizzard.



Playwright's Notes:

“I had a scary dream and you were in it,” Cynthia says to Ron, her husband of twelve years. Is he hiding something or is she going crazy? The play opens squarely in the middle of Iowa, but soon descends to the swamps of Florida where the slithering creatures of Cynthia's dreams become all too real.


The 90-minute play is written for three main characters, dancers, and African drumming ensemble. The work was premiered in 2007 as a collaboration between the Northfield Arts Guild Theater and ARTech Charter School in Northfield, Minnesota, with support from the Southeast Minnesota Arts Council.