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How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place


(SAB or SATB, piano) 3'30"

(Order from MorningStar Music or music retailer)


A marriage of the assuring Psalm 84 text and an infectious traditional Scottish folk melody in this arrangement for school, church or community choirs.


Listen (The Singers, Matthew Culloton, director)


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Composer's Notes:

I originally arranged this for two-part mixed voices.


Here is the text (paraphrased from Psalm 84 by Jonathan Asprey, used by permission of Celebration Services, Ltd.):


How lovely is Thy dwelling place, O Lord of Hosts to me.

My soul is longing and fainting the courts of the Lord to see.

My heart and flesh they are singing for joy to the living God.

How lovely is Thy dwelling place, O Lord of Hosts to me.


Even the sparrow finds a home where he can settle down,

And the swallow she can build a nest where she may lay her young

Within the courts of the Lord of Hosts, my King, my Lord and my God.

And happy are those who are dwelling where the song of praise is sung.


And I'd rather be a doorkeeper and only stay a day,

Than live the life of a sinner and have to stay away.

For the Lord is shining as the sun, and the Lord is like a shield;

And no good thing does God withhold from those who walk the way.