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Full Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra



Chamber Suite (chamber orchestra) 11'45" Kallman Creates Publications

Solo winds and clear string writing characterize this three-movement work accessible to higher level high school orchestras and above. (more)


Fidelitas (full orchestra, narrator) 14'00" Kallman Creates Publications

The stirring and eloquent words of Lincoln, Thoreau, Whitman and contemporaries frame this tribute to heroism, faithfulness, and self-sacrifice. High school, college, community ensembles. (more)


Gaia: Desecration, Lamentation and Awakening (full orchestra) 14'00" logo

The urgent message of this single-movement work in three sections is a call to confident, compassionate action in response to the enormous challenges of climate change. (more)


Heritage Renewed (full orchestra) 20'00" Kallman Creates Publications

Three movements tell the story of the settling of America: the immigrant spirit, industrial progress, and a resulting nation of many peoples under one flag. (more)


A Holiday Hoedown (full or chamber orchestra) 5'40" (Lauren Keiser Music)

A farcical frolic through your holiday favorites! For college, community, or professional ensembles. (more)


Meditation (full orchestra) 3'10" Kallman Creates Publications

A short orchestral prelude that weaves together motifs of sacred Christmas chant melodies to create a contemplative mood. (more)


Messiah, Prince of Peace (full orchestra) 7'20" (Lauren Keiser Music)

A work of mystery and majesty centered on Christ's birth, death and resurrection. (more)


Pura Vida! (full orchestra, opt. narrator) 14'00" Kallman Creates Publications

A three-movement suite with narration introducing Latino musical styles, including the Samba, Bossa Nova, Cha Cha, Mambo, and Mexican Hat Dance. Contains Un Tango Nuevo, also available separately. (more)


Rhapsody to Creation (full orchestra) 9'00" Kallman Creates Publications

A romantic work in praise of the gift of nature. Professional level. (more)


Ribtickler (chamber orchestra) 9'30" Kallman Creates Publications

Surprise your listeners with this lighthearted, humorous piece. For advanced players.(more)


Romp (full orchestra) 4'35" Kallman Creates Publications

Five minutes of jazz- and rock-infused high-strung energy. (more)


Sea Creatures (orchestral version) (full orchestra with narrator) 28'00" (Boosey & Hawkes)

Treat audiences of all ages to a spellbinding tour of the underwater world. Six movements: I. The Depths: The Second Frontier; II. Dolphin; III. Puffer Fish; IV. Moray Eel; V. Shark; VI. Epilogue: The Future. (more)


Spring Flings (chamber orchestra) 11'30" (Lauren Keiser Music)

A jaunty, playful, energetic work for dance or concert performances. (more)


Trinity Canticles (full orchestra) 20’00” (Lauren Keiser Music)

A musical response to the majesty and mystery of the Triune God. (more)


Twilight Plunge (youth orchestra, Grade 2) 5'15" Kallman Creates Publications

Dive into the quiet mystery of the underwater world. (more)


Un Tango Nuevo (full orchestra, solo accordion) 5'00” Kallman Creates Publications

Passion abounds in this work featuring the king of all tango instruments. (more)