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Do You Wonder?


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A celebration of the unexplainable miracles of life in a simple, lyrical two-part setting for young voices.



Listen (mp3, 7.7 MB; Mass Choir, Children's Choral Festival, Honors Choirs of Southeast MN, Daniel Kallman conducting.)


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Composer's Notes :

This piece was commissioned by the Honors Choirs of Southeast Minnesota for their annual Children's Choral Festival that took place on November 3, 2013 in Rochester, MN. I served as clinician and conductor for four choirs that were invited to participate that day.


Composer's Program Notes :

It seems appropriate that a song for young singers should be a celebration of "wonder", for it is usually with children that a sense of wonder for life and all of its unexplainable miracles is most unabashedly on display. Adults often lament the loss of a sense of wonder as we grow older which, of course, isn't really justified. (Indeed, without wonder, how would we ever get anything done?) But perhaps as we get older we are less aware of opportunities to be astonished by the "ordinary" wonders of which the children sing. We are also reminded that many of our wonders lead to questions for which answers are not easily found. Most importantly, though, the singers help us to remember that there is nothing wrong at any age with letting our minds wonder from time to time. After all, it's a wonder just to be alive and in this place sharing the joy of singing with you today!