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Dear God (anthem version)


(SATB, cello, organ) 5'00"

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Herb Brokering's reflective text brings hope to loss and change in this prayerful setting. Half the profits of your purchase will go to support the ministry of Holden Village. Level: Med-Easy.


Listen (Bethel Lutheran Adult Choir, Northfield, MN; Daniel Kallman, conductor; Cameron Gray, cello; Rhonda Reece, organ)


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Choral Score: $2.05 Add to Cart


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Also available as congregational hymn. See Dear God (hymn).



Composer's Notes:

Herb Brokering and I were asked to compose the text and tune for this anthem in response to the death of Kirsten Evenrud Ringo, daughter of our close friend, Jerry Evenrud. The scoring of the accompaniment for cello and organ is intentional, as Kirsten was a cellist and her father is an organist. I think you'll agree that Herb has penned another gem of a text (printed below). I suggest printing it in the bulletin separately when you offer the work as a worship or concert anthem. Herb and I would like to donate half of the profits we earn from this anthem to Holden Village, a Lutheran retreat center tucked away in the beautiful Cascade Mountains of central Washington. Holden is a place where the Evenrud and Brokering families have spent considerable time together over the decades. It is also where I met Jerry in 1987. Holden relies heavily upon individual donations in order to meet its budget, so Herb, Jerry and I are happy to offer you the opportunity to help serve Holden's ministry by purchasing the anthem. It may be preceded by Litany of Healing Prayers.


Dear moon o'er Winter mountain
Where midnight clouds will roll,
Awake the hidden fountain
That sleeps within my soul.


Dear cloud, paint earth your shadow,
Go roaming through my night
To chase away the spirits
That cover your delight.


Dear stars that fall through darkness,
Shine hope into my eyes,
My soul will laugh to hearken
Your spirits in the skies.


Dear sun, you open morning
And tune the evening song,
Make brightness your adorning
And hold the brightness long.


Dear God of all the reasons
For Winter Summer Fall,
Awake us in due season.
In Spring awake us all.


Herbert Brokering, copyright 1997