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Come Closer


(unison treble voices, piano) 3'00"

(Order from Hal Leonard Corp. [Henry Leck Series] or music retailer)


If only the little singing bird would come closer.



Listen (mp3, 5.7 MB; Honors Choirs of SE MN (Children's Chorus), Amy Nelson conducting)


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Composer's Notes:

I believe the youngest singers among us deserve quality music with well-crafted texts and accompaniments, so I have decided to compose some songs for unison voices, suitable for younger singers, grades 2 - 6. My first publication in this series was I Love It When. Both songs are appropriate for the beginning choirs of youth choir programs, but also for elementary school choruses. Here is the text:


Come closer, little singing bird;

I want to see what I have heard.

Come closer, little singing bird.


Flow freely, water clear and sweet;

Splashing and tickling my feet.

Flow freely, flow freely, water clear and sweet.


You are the cool of the lake in the summer,

You are the shower that makes the grass green.

Shiny and cold, you're the ice that I skate on

When the snow's falling soft and clean.


Stay longer, warming rays of sun;

Reach down and touch me as I run.

Stay longer, warming rays of sun.


Grow taller, tiny budding tree,

'Til you're ten times as big as me.

Grow taller, grow taller, tiny budding tree.


Will you remember me when I am older

And I come back to this place I once played?

Maybe the bird will call out from your branches

Songs so sweet I will wish I had stayed.


Daniel and Christine Kallman, copyright 2009,

Hal Leonard Corporation

All Rights Reserved