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Christ, the Promise of Tomorrow (anthem)


(SATB, opt. treble choir or treble solo, flute, organ, handbells) 5' 30"

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Hope overflows in this anthem in praise of Christ, our Fount of living waters.


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Composer's Notes:

This work was commissioned by Bethesda Lutheran Church in Ames, Iowa in celebration of their centennial in 2005. The text below is by Christine Kallman, adapted from her original hymn text (see Christ, the Promise of Tomorrow (hymn). This anthem incorporates the tune Ebenezer, which may be sung by the congregation on the final verse.


Christ, the Promise of tomorrow,
Prince of Ages, take our hand.
Lead us through the coming era;
Fearful, at the doors we stand.
Blind we are beyond this moment,
Sightless creatures, bound to sin.
Now to courage you are calling:
"Throw the doors wide! Enter in!"


Christ, the Fount of Living Waters
Flood with love our thirsty souls
Till your grace, an endless ocean,
Works to cleanse us, makes us whole.
"Come to me," you bid the weary,
"Freely drink this life outpoured."
Quenched by your forgiving presence,
Hope, once barren, is restored.


Gracious Spirit now among us
Swell your banks and overflow
From the hearts of all believers
Through the tenderness we show,
That the wounded may find healing,
Peace our world cannot destroy,
Fed by streams of loving service,
Deserts blossom into joy!


Praise to God who holds the order
Of both time and space aright,
Spins the marvels of creation
In the darkness and the light.
Praise to God who walks beside us,
Pledging joy beyond all tears
Through the advent of this thousand
And ten thousand thousand years.


Christine Kallman, copyright 2004, All Rights Reserved