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A Child's Carol


(SATB a cappella) 1'30"

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This simple carol was awarded first prize in Toronto's 1986 Amadeus Carol Competition. Level: Med-Easy.



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Composer's Notes:

This is a simple setting in two verses of a lyric by Christine Kallman:


A stroke of starlight comes to fall,
Through broken eaves, on cradle small.
With little steps I take my place
To peer into a shining face.
My heartbeats quicken at the stall;
I cannot take a breath at all!
The babe's lips part to my delight
And soon sweet laughter fills the night.


Oh Jesus! how much loving came
Contained within your human frame.
Please tell me, Lord, how this can be
When you are just a child like me?
Oh, Daddy, carry me to bed,
For slumber crowns my little head.
The infant Jesus' love so dear
Surround me on my pillow here.


Christine Kallman
Copyright 1986, All Rights Reserved