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At Skinner's Hill (unison or 2-part voices and piano or chamber orchestra) 4'15" logo

Jump on the toboggan for an unforgettable ride down a favorite sledding hill! A raucous childhood memory that ends poignantly in the warmth of home. (more)


Come Closer (unison treble voices, piano) 3'00" (Hal Leonard Corp., Henry Leck Series)

If only the little singing bird would come closer. (more)


Come Make a Home (unison, 2- or 3-part treble choir, piano and flute) 5'00" (Hal Leonard Corp., Henry Leck Series)

This uplifting anthem celebrates the early settlers' vision that lives on in our communities. (more)


Cows (unison treble voices, piano) 4'20'' Kallman Creates Publications

Cows converse about the weather over a laid-back, bluesy accompaniment. (more)


Down by the Riverside (unison or 2-part treble chorus, piano) 4'00" logo

Upbeat and optimistic, this arrangement of a well-known peacemaking song begins uptempo and ends reflectively. For unison with optional 2-part voices. Part of Early American Songs, Set II. (more)


Early American Songs, Set II (unison or 2-part treble chorus, piano) 9'30" logo

Three traditional and well-known African-American spirituals-- Little David, Play on Your Harp; Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child; and Down By the Riverside. Appropriate for young and older treble voices. Also available separately. (more)


Earth's Sweet Song (Unison or 2-part mixed voices, piano) 2'00" logo

When Earth is in balance it's like a sweet song. But what happens when things get out of balance? A lilting waltz that asks some unsettling questions. (more)


I Love It When (unison treble voices, piano) 3’17” Kallman Creates Publications

An innocent child’s love for nature and plea to cherish creation. (more)


Little David, Play on Your Harp (unison or 2-part treble chorus, piano) 2'15" logo

As children, even future kings have to play! Uptempo, light and playful with a whimsical accompaniment, this spiritual is arranged for unison with optional 2-part voices. Part of Early American Songs, Set II. (more)


The Mending Song (unison treble voices, piano, opt. clarinet) 1'45" (Shawnee/Mark Foster)

The melody weaves in and out, up and down, as the old mending woman works to keep the world stitched together. (more)


The Pasture (unison treble voices, piano) 1'30" (Shawnee/Mark Foster)

Frost’s timeless poem set simply for young children. (more)


Schrödinger's Cat (A Round) (unison voices in round) logo

Is Schrödinger's cat alive or dead? Have fun learning about quantum mechanics with this 3-part round. (more)


Sky Dance (Unison or 2-part voices, piano) 3'30" logo

Take a journey at night across snow-packed fields and learn about the mystery behind the dazzling aurora borealis of the northern sky. (more)


Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child (unison or 2-part treble chorus, piano) 3'00" logo

Sorrowful and contemplative, this well-known spiritual is newly arranged with shifting keys and a hauntingly chromatic accompaniment. For unison with optional 2-part voices. Part of Early American Songs, Set II. (more)


Stay Green (Unison [opt. 2 or 3 part] children's voices, piano) 1'00" Kallman Creates Publications

A short reflection on the blessing of our precious planet from a child's perspective. (more)


Thy Holy Wings (unison treble with descant, piano or chamber orch. [flute, clarinet and strings]) 2'10" (Shawnee Press/Mark Foster)

A lovely Swedish folk melody with sacred text suitable for children or older treble voices. (more)


Velvet Shoes (unison or SA, piano) 3'00" Kallman Creates Publications

This gentle setting of Elinor Wylie's poem captures a serene walk in newly fallen snow. Perfect for young voices but suitable for older treble choirs as well. (more)


Won't You Sing Along? (unison treble voices, piano, flute [opt.] and audience) 3'30" logo

Invite your audience to join your young singers by echoing the refrain of this touching song about the wonder of music and love. (more)