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My God Is A Rock (In A Weary Land) (SATB or SSA, piano) 5'00"Kallman Creates Publications

Rock the house with this electrifying setting of a passionate spiritual. (more)


o by the by (2002) (SATB, SA treble choir or soloists, piano) 3'30"Kallman Creates Publications

E.E. Cummings' text about the loss of childhood wonder is perfectly suited to this combination of adult and children's voices. (more)


The Pretty Little Horses (2-part treble chorus, piano) 2'15" logo

Tender and hushed unison voices begin this evocative lullaby, breaking into two-part singing as momentum gathers with the promises of what the child will find upon awakening. Appropriate for younger and older treble choirs. Part of the set Early American Songs, Set I. (more)


Ride On, Ride On in Majesty (SATB, treble voices, organ, trumpet) 3'30" (MorningStar Music)

A majestic setting of a well-known Palm Sunday text. Level: Medium. (more)


Schrödinger's Cat (A Round) (unison voices in round) logo

Is Schrödinger's cat alive or dead? Have fun learning about quantum mechanics with this 3-part round. (more)


She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain (2-part treble chorus, piano) 2'45" - 3'00"


Hold onto yer hat! You're in for a spirited trip through this classic hoe-down, complete with stompin', scratchin', and hollerin'! Appropriate for younger and older treble choirs. Part of the set Early American Songs, Set I. (more)


Simple Gifts (2-part treble chorus, piano) 2'10" logo

Graceful and unhurried, this setting of the familiar Shaker tune is mostly unison, with occasional 2-part singing. Appropriate for younger and older treble choirs. Part of the set Early American Songs, Set I. (more)


Sky Dance (Unison or 2-part voices, piano) 3'30" logo

Take a journey at night across snow-packed fields and learn about the mystery behind the dazzling aurora borealis of the northern sky. (more)


Stay Green (Unison [opt. 2 or 3 part] children's voices, piano) 1'00" Kallman Creates Publications

A short reflection on the blessing of our precious planet from a child's perspective. (more)


This Lamp In My Window (SA, piano, opt. clarinet) 1'20" (Shawnee/Mark Foster)

Arnold Lobel's simple poem in a short, sweet musical setting. (more)


Three American Folk Songs (SSA, string quartet, piano) 10'00"Kallman Creates Publications

A medley of tunes from early America ranging from playful to plaintive and ending in a lively hoe-down. (more)


Thy Holy Wings (unison treble with descant, piano or chamber orch. [flute, clarinet and strings]) 2'10" (Shawnee Press/Mark Foster)

A lovely Swedish folk melody with sacred text suitable for children or older treble voices. (more)


Velvet Shoes (unison or SA, piano) 3'00" Kallman Creates Publications

This gentle setting of Elinor Wylie's poem captures a serene walk in newly fallen snow. Perfect for young voices but suitable for older treble choirs as well. (more)


When Christmas Comes (SA, opt. SSAA, full orchestra) 18'00"Kallman Creates Publications

A medley of four familiar Christmas texts set to original music. (more)