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Daniel Kallman catalog of works, alphabetical listing, page 7:




Let Us Raise Eternal Alleluia's (hymn)(unison voices, keyboard) 3'15" (TRN Publ.)

Original text and tune praise a steadfast God of yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Let Us Sing Night and Day (SATB, chamber orchestra) 5'45"Kallman Creates Publications

An outburst of Christmas joy in a colorful setting of a 15th-century text.


Life Has Loveliness To Sell (SSA, flute, piano) 3'35" (Shawnee/Mark Foster)

Serene treatment of Teasdale's thoughtful poem, with gentle flute and piano accompaniment.


Light of Christ (musical setting of the communion liturgy for congregation, keyboard, optional instruments) (Augsburg Fortress)

A setting of the communion liturgy in a blended style, sung in churches throughout the country.


Listen for Me (Spring Peeper) (SA or SSA treble voices, piano, Orff percussion) 4'12" logo

"On a spring night, on a wet night, on a rainy night . . " listen for the frogs thawing, rising, singing. Orff instruments, piano, body percussion and treble voices combine with Joyce Sidman's vivid text to evoke the rhythmic, swelling sounds of amphibian love.


Litany for Creation (cantor, congregation, SATB or unison chorus, keyboard) 3'00' Kallman Creates Publications

A responsive prayer for our stewardship of God's creation. Level: Easy.


Litany of Healing Prayers (cantor or unison choir, congregation, keyboard) 2' 30' Kallman Creates Publications

A sung prayer for cantor and congregational response with the option to insert your own prayer petitions. Level: Very Easy.


Lizard Jazz (SA or SSA, piano, opt. Orff instruments, opt. perc.) 5'00" (Shawnee/Mark Foster)

A “concerto of geckos” and other noises of the night come to life through syncopated rhythms and jazz harmonies underneath a lyrical melody.


Lockwood's Brightest Stars (musical) (musical for unison and 2-part voices, piano, opt. violin) Kallman Creates Publications

The time: 1880. The place: Lockwood's Opera House over the dry goods store in the little prairie town of Northfield, Minnesota. Share laughter and tears with the settlers and get a taste of entertainment in early opera houses. Includes arrangements of some of Minnesota's earliest music. Large cast musical appropriate for middle school, high school, or community theater.


Look to This Day(SATB chorus, optional treble voices, piano) 4'00"


A resolute and joyful setting of the iconic ancient text that urges us to "look well to this day, for it is life-- the very life of life!"


Lord Of All Hopefulness (SAB, flute, organ) 3'10"Kallman Creates Publications

An elegant, meditative arrangement of a lovely Irish tune. Level: Med-Easy.


Lord, Whose Love in Humble Service (SATB, piano) 3'10" (Kjos Music)

A fervent call to follow Christ in serving others. Level: Medium.


The Lord's Prayer (medium solo voice, organ) 3'15"Kallman Creates Publications

A quiet setting that builds to resolute adoration and extended Amen's.


Love Divine, All Loves Excelling (SATB chorus, unison children's choir, handbells [4 octaves], piano, organ, flute, oboe and clarinet and opt. chamber orchestra) 6'40" logo

Multiple forces join in this lively worship "waltz" (HYFRYDOL) with surprise quotes of another familiar hymn tune. A ceaseless momentum carries us to the grand final statement of the tune, subsiding to a whimsical ending in the children's voices. Level: Intermediate.


Lullaby (piano solo) 2'00"Kallman Creates Publications

A comforting melody with lilting counterpoint. Intermediate.


Magnificat (SATB, brass quintet) 8'45"Kallman Creates Publications

A quiet, reflective opening builds to a joyous affirmation of God's promise to Mary.


March Emeritus (wind ensemble) 3'34" (Boosey & Hawkes)

A striking march in the grand style, resonant with honor and celebration! Brass, woodwind and percussion are all highlighted throughout this highly satisfying work. Level: Apprentice Advanced/Level 3.


Martin Luther King/We Shall Overcome (SSA, SSAB or SATB choir with 2 soloists and piano; optional drums, bass and guitar) 6'00" Kallman Creates Publications

This medley begins with an original composition in pop-gospel style and segues into the traditional freedom song We Shall Overcome for a stirring tribute to Dr. King. Appropriate for youth, high school, college and community choirs.


Meditation (full orchestra) 3'10"Kallman Creates Publications

A short orchestral prelude that weaves together motifs of sacred Christmas chant melodies to create a contemplative mood.


The Mending Song (unison treble voices, piano, opt. clarinet) 1'45" (Shawnee/Mark Foster)

The melody weaves in and out, up and down, as the old mending woman works to keep the world stitched together.


Messiah, Prince of Peace (full orchestra) 7'20" (Lauren Keiser Music)

A work of mystery and majesty centered on Christ's birth, death and resurrection.


Metamorphosis on an Original Cakewalk (wind ensemble) 5'30" (Boosey and Hawkes)

A playful cakewalk dissolves into independent rhythmic fragments, then returns. (Level/Grade 5)


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