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Daniel Kallman catalog of works, alphabetical listing, page 4:




The Five Little Chickens (SA, piano) 3'00" (Shawnee/Mark Foster)

The chickens' dilemma erupts in a barnyard flurry of clucking and squawking!


Five Short Attitudes (piano solo) 4'00" Kallman Creates Publications

Concise miniatures for the advanced player.


Forecasts (saxophone quartet) 12'00" Kallman Creates Publications

The forecast is partly whimsical giving way to dissonances in this four-movement suite for advanced players.


Four Canticles (bass trombone, piano) 10'00" Kallman Creates Publications

Movements may be interspersed throughout a worship service or performed as a recital suite. For the advanced player.


Four from "Whiskers and Rhymes" (SA, piano, opt. clarinet, opt. violin) 6'30" (available under four separate titles from Shawnee/Mark Foster)

Lobel's beloved poems wedded to memorable melodies and interwoven with colorful accompaniments.


Friendly Fredrick Fuddlestone (SA, violin [fiddle] or clarinet) 1'30" (Shawnee/Mark Foster)

A foot-stompin', barn-burnin' hoedown for your young singers!


The Fruit of Charity (hymn) (unis. voices, keybd.) 3'30" Kallman Creates Publications

Jesus' words, "I am the Vine, you are the branches" (John 15), newly paraphrased and set to original tune and harmonization.


A Future With Hope (SSAATTBB, a cappella) 5'45" Kallman Creates Publications

Sacred words of hope, embedded in a warm choral fabric, lead us from questioning to acceptance and healing.


Gaia: Desecration, Lamentation and Awakening (full orchestra) 14'00" logo

The urgent message of this single-movement work in three sections is a call to confident, compassionate action in response to the enormous challenges of climate change.


Galop (wind ensemble) 4'00" (Boosey & Hawkes)

A rousing race to the finish for your full winds and percussion. (Level/Grade 4)


A Garden Of My Own (SA or SSA, flute, piano) 4'30" logo

Arrangement of an inspirational text and tune, for high school or middle school treble choirs. Level: Medium.


A Garden Of My Own (SSAB) (SSAB, flute, piano) 4'30" (Boosey & Hawkes)

Arrangement of an inspirational text and tune, for high school mixed choirs. Level: Medium.


The Gift (SAB, organ) 3'00" (Morning Star Music)

A contemplative setting for worship of a song by John Ylvisaker, creator of "Borning Cry." Level: Easy.


Glorificamus Te! (SATB, piano) 4'30" (Hal Leonard Publ., Henry Leck Series)

An ancient Irish text offers a stirring affirmation of life and beauty in this spirited anthem for college, professional, or advanced adult ensemble.


Go Tell It! (SATB; full orchestra with electric bass, piano, drums, opt. saxes; opt. handbells) 11'30" Kallman Creates Publications

A medley of familiar carols climaxing in a gospel-rock treatment of "Go Tell It on the Mountain." Accessible to high school through professional.


God Is (unison voices, piano, opt. horn, opt. flute or oboe) 3'00" Kallman Creates Publications

A comforting, contemporary worship anthem for youth with call-and-response options.


The Grass So Little Has To Do (SSAA, piano) 3'30" logo

Could we be as carefree as the grass? The simple but appealing melody and lively harmonies carry us along like a summer breeze. May be performed as part of a set of three. Level: Advanced.


Gratus Animus (SSA chorus and piano) 3'45" logo

Pulsing with rhythmic energy, this piece is driven by an alternating meter of two's and three's and a repetitive text that proclaims gratitude for life. Slower material, bold and full of conviction, bookends the faster main section. Level: Intermediate..


The Groundhog's Lament (youth wind ensemble) 2'30" (Boosey & Hawkes)

Gradual awakening, increasing anticipation, and stark disappointment are in store for the groundhog on his big day in February. (Level/Grade 2-3)


Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah (SATB, trumpet, organ) 4'00" (Kjos)

A stirring setting of a favorite Welsh hymn to enhance your worship. Level: Medium.



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