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Daniel Kallman catalog of works, alphabetical listing, page 2:




Caged Bird (SSA and SATB youth choirs, solo tenor, flute, piano) 9'00" Kallman Creates Publications

Maya Angelou's passionate poem combines with two spirituals in this tribute to freedom.


The Canticle of Brother Sun (SATB chorus, organ) 9'00" Kallman Creates Publications

St. Francis' poem in praise of creation, appropriate for college, community, and professional choirs.


Carmel Highlands (SSAA, piano) 6'00" logo

Shrouded in mystery, music and text slowly unfold in this impressionistic work for advanced women's choir.


Chamber Suite (chamber orchestra) 11'45" Kallman Creates Publications

Solo winds and clear string writing characterize this three-movement work accessible to higher level high school orchestras and above.


Charity and Love (SATB with alto solo, organ, flute, clarinet, opt. handbells; or SATB with alto solo and chamber orchestra) 4'45" (Kjos Music)

Early plainchant in a rich, meditative setting. Level: Medium.


A Child's Carol (SATB a cappella) 1'30" Kallman Creates Publications

This simple carol was awarded first prize in Toronto's 1986 Amadeus Carol Competition. Level: Med-Easy.


Children of the Heavenly Father (two violins, piano) 4'05" (MorningStar Music)

A lyrical instrumental setting of this favorite Swedish hymn. Level: Medium.


Children of the Heavenly Father (SATB, piano, violin) 3'45" (MorningStar Music)

Lilting piano accompaniment, interweaving vocal lines, and violin countermelodies provide elegant textures for this popular Swedish hymn. Level: Medium.


Christ the Promise of Tomorrow (hymn) (unis. voices, keybd.) 3'00"

Kallman Creates Publications

A hymn of hope for congregational singing.


Christ, the Promise of Tomorrow (anthem) (SATB, opt. treble choir or treble solo, flute, organ, handbells)

Kallman Creates Publications

Hope overflows in this anthem in praise of Christ, our Fount of living waters.


Come All Ye Shepherds (SSAATTBB a cappella) 2'50" (G. Schirmer Music)

This arrangement of a traditional carol captures the excitement of the shepherds as they share the Good News.


Come Closer (unison treble voices, piano) 3'00" (Hal Leonard Corp., Henry Leck Series)

If only the little singing bird would come closer.


Come Make a Home (unison, 2- or 3-part treble choir, piano and flute) 5'00" (Hal Leonard Corp., Henry Leck Series)

This uplifting anthem celebrates the early settlers' vision that lives on in our communities.


Come, Thou Almighty King (SATB, 2 trumpets, trombone, organ) 4'00" Kallman Creates Publications

A festive setting of a great hymn, easily learned by even smaller church choirs. Level: Medium.


Come To Your Mommy (SSA, harp) 2'50" (Shawnee/Mark Foster)

A soothing Canadian lullaby.


The Communion of the Hive: A Sanctity Under Shadow (wind ensemble) 7'30" Kallman Creates Publications

This moving tribute to nature and our threatened bee population takes us from a serene opening to a rhythmic evocation of the bees' "waggle dance" and ends in dissonant uncertainty. Prominent solo clarinet part. Level/Grade 5.


Cows (unison treble voices, piano) 4'20'' Kallman Creates Publications

Cows converse about the weather over a laid-back, bluesy accompaniment.


A Cradle Song (SSAA, piano four-hands) 4'20" Kallman Creates Publications

"Golden slumbers kiss your eyes" in this gentle lullaby.


Cradling Children in His Arm (2-part or SATB voices, whistlers, flute and keyboard) 1'20" Kallman Creates Publications

A short playful setting appropriate for Sundays which include the sacrament of Holy Baptism. It is just the right length to be sung either while the baptismal party comes forward or while they return to their seats.



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