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Daniel Kallman catalog of works, alphabetical listing, page 12:




Un Tango Nuevo (full orchestra, solo accordion) 5'00” Kallman Creates Publications

Passion abounds in this work featuring the king of all tango instruments.


Under the Greenwood Tree (SSA, piano) 1'45" Kallman Creates Publications

A pastoral setting of Shakespeare's song text from As You Like It.


The Vanishing Snows of Kilimanjaro (Tribute and Lament for Winds) (wind ensemble) 11"00" Kallman Creates Publications

A musical statement about natural beauty and tragic loss. (Level/Grade 6)


Velvet Shoes (unison or SA, piano) 3'00" Kallman Creates Publications

This gentle setting of Elinor Wylie's poem captures a serene walk in newly fallen snow. Perfect for young voices but suitable for older treble choirs as well.


Vestigia (SSAA, piano, flute) 3'30" Kallman Creates Publications

The God for whom we search may be found in the ordinary, everyday experiences of nature. Level: Intermediate to Advanced.


A Visit With Old Joe (wind ensemble) 5'00" Kallman Creates Publications

A lively American folk tune is the basis for this hoedown for band. (Level/Grade 4)


Walk as Children of Light (SATB, keyboard) 2'00" (MorningStar Music)

Add a sense of childhood play to your worship. Level: Med-Easy.


The Way Home (musical score) (solo voices, SATB, piano) logo

Sixteen songs from The Way Home, a richly symbolic and imaginative retelling of the story of the prodigal son in a full length stage play by Minnesota bard Herbert Brokering and composer Daniel Kallman.


We Happy Hirdes Men Heere (SATB, organ) 3'30" Kallman Creates Publications

Joyful shepherds proclaim the miracle of Christ's birth in this ecstatic up-tempo setting for advanced choir and organ.


Wexford Carol (SATB a cappella) 4'15" (Boosey & Hawkes)
Setting of a well-known modal English carol with 12th century Irish text from County Wexford. Level: Med-Adv.


What A Friend We Have In Jesus (SATB, piano) 5'00" (MorningStar Music)

An elegant, expansive treatment of an old favorite. Level: Med-Easy.


What Child Is This? (SATB, 2 fls, 2 obs, 2 clars, 2 bsns, 4 hns, 3 trps [Bb], 3 trbs, 1 tba, piano, organ) 3'45" Kallman Creates Publications

The ever-popular English carol cradled in sweet harmonies that surprise and appeal.


What Our Good God For Us Has Done (SATB, piano, opt. cello) 5'40" logo

A gentle cello enhances the elegant, interwoven choral and keyboard textures in this new setting of an ancient Christmas text. Level: Medium.


When Christmas Comes (SA, opt. SSAA, full orchestra) 18'00" Kallman Creates Publications

A medley of four familiar Christmas texts set to original music.


When I Am Dead, My Dearest (soprano solo voice, piano) 2'50" Kallman Creates Publications

A stark setting of Christina Rosetti's disquieting text.


When Jesus Wept (3-part voices in canon, 2 recorders or flutes) 3'00" Kallman Creates Publications

A melody from 18th century American William Billings, set simply in canonic rounds. Level: Med-Easy.


When Love Is Found (SAB, flute, clarinet, piano) 3'00" (Kjos Music)

A favorite at weddings. Soloists may be substituted for choir. Wind instruments optional. Level: Med-Easy.


When Music Sounds (SSA, piano) 3'00" logo

An ecstatic setting of Walter de la Mare's tribute to music.

With Joy (congregation or unison choir, piano, optional solo) Duration: 3'00" with verses; 45 seconds for refrain only. Kallman Creates Publications

A refrain of gratitude for your congregation or choir when gifts are presented. Perfect for offertory response on non-communion Sundays, stewardship Sundays, or Thanksgiving. Level: Easy.


The Wonder of It (SSAA, piano) 2'00" logo

A spirited exclamation on the amazing mystery of life. The piano accompaniment provides a cackling commentary and an enigmatic undergirding for the text. May be performed as part of a set of three. Level: Advanced.


Won't You Sing Along? (unison treble voices, piano, flute [opt.] and audience) 3'30" logo

Invite your audience to join your young singers by echoing the refrain of this touching song about the wonder of music and love.


Yankee Doodling: A Young Person's Guide to the Concert Band (wind ensemble, narrator) 28'45" Kallman Creates Publications

A theme and variations treatment of a familiar tune with narrator to introduce the instruments of the band. (Level/Grade 5) The opening three minutes may also be played by itself as an overture.


A Young Person's Guide to the Choir (SATB a cappella with narrator) 11'30" logo

A frolicsome tour of the four-part choir using familiar folk tunes with humorous lyrics and silly antics to explore the ranges, abilities and "personalities" of each section of the choir. Perfect for both young and old.