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Yankee Doodling: A Young Person's Guide to the Concert Band


(wind ensemble, narrator) 28'45"

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A theme and variations treatment of a familiar tune with narrator to introduce the instruments of the band. (Level/Grade 5)


(Note on audio tracks below: Yankee Doodling is a continuous piece, but was recorded on separate tracks.)


Listen: Track 1 (mp3, 1.8 MB)


Listen: Track 2 (mp3, 3.3 MB)


Listen: Track 3 (mp3, 10.2 MB)


Listen: Track 4 (mp3, 9.7 MB)


Listen: Track 5 (mp3, 4.2 MB)


Listen: Track 6 (mp3, 3.1 MB)


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Full Score: $30 Add to Cart

Narrator Score: $15 Add to Cart

Set of Parts: $250 Add to Cart


Set of Parts (masters only with permission to copy - VIA US MAIL): $175 Add to Cart


Set of Parts (masters only with permission to copy - VIA EMAIL): $175 Add to Cart


Composer's Notes:

This work was commissioned by the Minnesota Symphonic Winds and premiered on a children's concert in April 1997 under the baton of the late Miles Johnson with Christine Sweet narrating. It is modeled after Benjamin Britten's Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra in that the purpose of the composition is to introduce the instruments of the concert band to the audience. College, community and professional wind ensembles have programmed the work on family concerts. The Minnesota Symphonic Winds have recorded the composition on their CD "Celebrating Twenty Years". The work has also been recorded by the Chamber Concert Band at Valparaiso University and by the United States Air Force Academy Band (formerly the USAF Band of the Rockies). I am also interested in finding an ensemble to film a video version of the work. I think there would be a wide market for such a product in elementary schools throughout the country.